You should take your new born after six or nine months because infants start having their first teeth. Pediatric dentist in Davie does the treatment of infants, children and teens. The Pediatric dentist advises about how to take care of your child’s teeth before any problem occurs. A new born has habits of thumb-sucking in which it affects their oral health problem. Children at the age of six and seven start losing their first two teeth and below teeth, and it is the initial stage in which they start having the teeth which are normal tooth decay and activities. These things are caused due to eating a lot of chocolates. If your child proper teeth are not coming properly, crowded teeth, tooth decay or have cavities you should not take these things lightly.

You should take the advice of a Pediatric Dentist in Davie. Invisalign treatment can also provide to the children starting from the age of six. Pediatric dentist in Weston gives your child the best Invisalign treatment and make you feel comfortable during the treatment process so that you can have the best experience. If your child has crowded teeth or teeth alignment problem, Invisalign treatment will be recommended. Firstly, your child’s teeth will be x-ray and photograph so the dentist can examine the main problem and deeply studied the situation. Invisalign are invisible braces which help to straighten your child’s teeth and you have to change your aligners set after two weeks and have to wear your new aligners. Pediatric dentist Solutions in Weston can customise your aligners according to customer needs. Twelve trays will get fit at your child’s teeth and these braces are easy to remove whenever you want to.

1.What is the age when children most commonly having cavities?

Children at the age of four have at least one cavity. It is important that you should take your child to the dentist because at the age of three or four mostly thirty to forty per cent of children have dental diseases.

2. What is the treatment process of a Pediatric dentist?

  • Firstly, if your child's teeth have been broken, decayed or damaged, you should visit a pediatric dentist. Crown is the cap which gets fitted on your child’s teeth. Thirty to forty minutes anaesthesia will be given to the teeth so that you will not feel any pain.

  • Secondly, a fluoride treatment is provided to your child when he or she has excessive cavities. Fluoride is mixed with paste and is applied to your teeth so that cavities will get removed. The dentist also usually provides you with new toothpaste for your child’s teeth. You should visit the dentist after two months for the check-up.

​3. What advice does the Pediatric dentist give after treatment?

The child should not eat any chocolates or any kinds of sweets. After the treatment, for the immediate thirty minutes, the child should not drink water.

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